The Benefits Of Employee Recognition Awards


Employees everywhere benefit from feedback.  They like to know how they are performing and what they can improve on.  In addition, they appreciate being recognized for their efforts.  Smart businesses recognize their employees with employee recognition awards. 


Rewards Provide Public Recognition


When employee recognition awards are presented, individuals receive recognition from their superiors and their subordinates at the same time.  This public recognition can be very motivating for an employee.  It can transform working relationships among employees and create positive company morale.


Rewards Increase Performance


Employee rewards also have a direct effect on performance.  The individual who receives the award is more likely to perform better in the future.  Additionally, other employees are often motivated to receive the same recognition, resulting in increased performance all around.  In particular, companies often notice the following positive changes when they reward employees:


·         Employees show up to work on time. 

·         Fewer breaks are taken.

·         Deadlines are more likely to be met.

·         Employees are more willing to take on additional work.


Rewards Create A Standard


Rewards have also been known to create a standard for performance that any individual can work to meet.  Employees can measure their own performance against the awarded employee.  In most instances, this comparison will increase performance quicker than criticism from others. 


All businesses can benefit from recognizing their employees and should consider implementing a proper recognition program. If you have any questions about employee awards give our staff a call and we will answer any questions you may have.