any employers want to reward their employees for their hard work and dedication, but don’t know what kind of recognition awards to give them. Here is some advice for choosing between the many options, from the physical to the ceremonial, and making sure your employees feel appreciated. Traditional physical awards such as plaques can be a popular option because they are a concrete reminder of many things: the manager’s gratitude, the employee’s own ability to succeed, and the employee’s incentive to continue working hard. Many workers also enjoy this type of award because it allows them to share their achievements with co-workers and clients. For managers wanting to recognize everyday, small-scale employee achievements, less formal awards can be a great choice. Engraved gifts like pens, key chains, and desk items have practical value, but are still personal enough to make employees feel noticed and valued. Finally, ceremonial recognition awards can motivate employees and help morale. Winning a title or being recognized at a formal dinner can be unforgettable, and the employee will likely feel proud and inspired for some time after. (Of course, a combination of ceremonial recognition and physical awards may be the most memorable approach of all.) There are many ways to acknowledge the efforts of employees; the most important thing is that the recognition is given. Recognition awards are an excellent way to help keep your workers loyal and motivated.