Retirement is a moment that marks extraordinary achievement and many years of dedicated service. The most common retiree is someone who finally decides to hang up his hat after working at a profession for several decades and becomes well known and respected within the community. Award plaques are a great way to acknowledge the accomplishment of someone who has put in many years of his sweat and blood into his work and is ready to leave on a high note.

A plaque is an excellent form of parting gift because it has a ton of sentimental value. This is a gift that creates memories and lasts forever. A plaque can be hung on the wall or placed on a coffee table or mantle where the recipient can one day show it to his grandchildren while talking about his life and career.

Award plaques come in many premade designs though they can also be customized. They are typically rectangular in shape though they could take on just about any form. Most come in a wooden frame though a marble or granite frame is also common. The center bottom is often where the personal information is listed. This includes the name of the recipient and other stuff worth mentioning. This often includes the name of the company he worked for, the number of years spent working there and the position he held. The information is usually placed on a thin metal tag though it can also be engraved right on the frame itself.

Various images can be depicted on award plaques. The image should have some sort of relevance to the profession for which the recipient worked under. A retired judge, for example, may be awarded a plaque with an image of a mallet. Likewise, a chef who is retiring can be given a plaque with the image of an apron or a chef’s hat.

Photos can also be embedded onto a plaque. This is often done with a piece of glass over the photo much in the same way as a photo frame. This is often done when customizing a plaque for an entire team of staff. A plaque is created to commemorate an accomplishment, and a group photo is put in place.

Retirement is a major life accomplishment that marks a huge milestone. Award plaques make a great present for an individual who has made his mark in an industry and is ready to call it quits and pass the torch. A plaque is a way of wishing someone good luck as he heads to a well-earned retirement.


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