Nothing says “job well done” like an acrylic award plaque. If you would like to congratulate, recognize, or honor an employee, considering ordering a customized acrylic award to give them along with your word of thanks. Sending a card or a company-wide email will be forgotten by the time everyone goes home at 5 pm. If you would like the award to be remembered and appreciated, however, invest in acrylic awards. Not only do they look great sitting on a desk or office bookshelf, but also they are great motivators for other employees. After all, everyone loves to proudly display a hard earned reward! If you would like to give your employees acrylic awards when they achieved something noteworthy, consider customizing the award to fit their accomplishment. You can have the award engraved with their accomplishment, such as “5 Years At The Company” or “Top Salesperson Of The Year.” Your employees may appreciate this because they will understand that their accomplishments are recognized. If you would like to go a step further you can even have their name engraved onto the award. This will demonstrate that you took the extra step as an employer to recognize their hard work. Engravings are not the only way to customize acrylic awards. You can have them cut into a variety of different shapes and designs. You can also order them in different colors or have them stamped with your company logo. The more you customize the award the more it will stand out from a sea of boring, cookie cutter awards. Nobody wants an award that looks exactly like the same award everyone else has received. By taking the time to make the award interesting you not only send a message of gratitude to the employee, but also you give them a unique conversation piece. If you are considering giving your employee an award, customize an acrylic award. They will appreciate the time and effort you put into the award. Additionally, it may motivate other employees to work even harder!



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