A happy workforce means a successful business. Employee turnover is a huge problem in most companies, which can cost millions of dollars. Worker retention is important to keep businesses running smoothly. An employee recognition program can help keep employees happy and feeling valued. Awarding an Employee of the Month plaque can boost morale, by rewarding excellence and dedication.

There are many employee recognition plaque styles from which to choose. A perpetual recognition plaque can be displayed prominently in your company lobby or employee workroom. Each month a different employee will be recognized and his or her name will be engraved on a metal plate that can be added to the plaque. Your worker’s name will be proudly exhibited for years to come. Your company logo can be the centerpiece of the plaque with customized nameplates. You can go with the standard rectangle or you could have them match what your company does. For example, if your business is a restaurant, your nameplates could be in the shape of a plate. What a special way to show your employees you care with a customized Employee of the Month plaque.

While it is wonderful to be recognized for a job well done and having your name displayed for all to see, a personal token of your boss’ appreciation may be even better. An employee recognition program that provides a personal plaque for the staff member to display in his or her office or home shows how much you appreciate their dedication to the company. A standard plaque made out of beautiful wood with a gleaming bronze plate engraved with the employee name and a special message would make anyone feel appreciated. Or you could customize the plaque in acrylic that can be made in the shape of your company logo or what you produce. If you manufacture motorcycles, your plaque could be shape as a motorcycle! What a dynamic way to show your gratitude.

Both of these options are great ways to acknowledge great employees, so why not do both! A perpetual Employee of the Month plaque prominently displayed in the workplace and a personalized plaque for the employee to hang in his or her home or office, will keep your employees happy and motivated. There are many different finishes and shapes that are available to match your tastes. You can also customize it with your company logo or with what your company does. An employee recognition program keeps your staff motivated and happy, which in turn makes your business thrive. It is so important to retain good workers, making them feel appreciated is a great way to do it.


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Date 3/17/2017