There is no occupation more honorable than serving in uniform. Enlisting in the military entails sacrifice as it means heading overseas when your service is called for. Anyone who serves in any one of the five branches of the U.S. Military is deserving of the utmost respect and admiration. The best way to honor someone who served is to get him a plaque. Engraved plaques are the perfect gift for someone who accomplished a major feat in his military career, such as graduating from basic training, returning from deployment or retiring after many years of honorable service.

Plaques can be personalized in all sorts of ways. The way you customize a plaque will depend on multiple factors. This includes the branch the recipient served in as well as his military occupational specialty. For a soldier who is infantry and also has airborne or air assault qualifications, for example, you can have the insignia for such designations engraved onto the plaque.

Engraved plaques can also have special symbols added. This includes the logo of the battalion or platoon the recipient belonged to. Of course, there should be some basic information engraved in text either in the center or in the bottom center of the plaque. This includes the full name along with rank and years of service.

Some plaques
can also be more intricate in design. Some can be in the form of a glass case with an American flag neatly folded inside. This is a fitting award to present to a service member because it symbolizes what he fights and defends as a member of the armed forces. There are also military plaques that are in the shape of the state that the person serves in. This is typically the case of someone who belongs in the Army or Air National Guard, in which he serves under the state rather than under the federal government.

Engraved plaques can be presented to someone who is retiring from the service. Likewise, it can also be given to someone after a year-long tour of duty overseas serving in wartime operations. It is also suitable for someone who just got promoted to a non commissioned officer. Plaques can also be awarded to an entire unit. The giver can be a family member or a gift from the unit to a specific member.

Serving in the U.S. Military isn’t just another job. It is a commitment that becomes an integral part of the identity of whoever dons the uniform to protect and serve this great nation of ours. Such people deserve to be recognized for their exemplary achievement. Engraved plaques are a great way to show a loved one that his service is recognized and appreciated.