Many managers and supervisors may think of recognition plaques as formal things that that should only be given out on rare occasions to employees who have earned high honors. Yet the truth is, there are many times when rewards like these can be appropriate, as well as critical to employee morale. After all, it is almost impossible to give your employees too much encouragement or affirmation. When an employee has reached an anniversary with the company, a plaque acknowledging his or her dedication can go a long way. Even if your company provides certain benefits, prizes, or awards for years of service, adding a token of your gratitude shows your employee that someone personally and sincerely appreciates their dedication. When employees successfully complete projects, meet goals, or work effectively as a team, recognition plaques can encourage them to keep up the great work. Even if the accomplishment doesn’t merit an official company reward, it is always smart to reward success and reinforce good work habits. Plaques aren’t just appropriate for specific occasions or achievements. Employees who are reliable, hard-working, and supportive of their co-workers also deserve recognition. It is often in the performance of this kind of daily work that many employees feel their efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated. Reminding your employees that you do notice and care can make a significant difference. Employee retention and motivation are increasingly important considerations for companies. Recognition plaques can be a simple, inexpensive, and still memorable way to show employees that you appreciate them and their hard work.