Honor Your Employees With Recognition Plaques Every good manager knows that is it important to recognize the hard work and achievements of their employees. Thanking an employee for a job well done is not only a thoughtful gesture, but also it keeps employee morale high and it helps to motivate employees to do well. A typical employee is more likely to go the extra mile if they feel their work will be appreciated. If you are looking for a great way to let your employees know that you appreciate them, invest in recognition plaques for your office. A personalized recognition plaque is the perfect way to honor an employee. The great thing about these plaques is that you can have them say whatever you want. Before you give a plaque to an employee it is a good idea to have it engraved with the accomplishment you are honoring and the employee’s name. For example, the plaques could say “John Smith: Salesman of the Year.” Personalized plaques are usually appreciated more than boring generic ones. Taking the time to have the plaque engraved will make the employee feel important. Furthermore, an employee is more likely to proudly display an award if it contains his name and the nature of the award. No one wants to display a generic plaque that is identical to the one hanging in every other office in the company. For a twist on traditional recognition plaques you can have one traveling plaque made for the entire office. The employee who makes the most sales during one quarter will get to keep the plaque in his office for the next quarter. If another employee surpasses him, the new top-performer gets to keep the plaque. This is a fun way to create friendly completion in your office. The plaque will become synonymous with office bragging rights and may serve to motive your team members to work even harder. Recognition plaques are a great way to thank and honor employees. They may increase worker productivity and boost office morale. If you look online, you can find websites that allow you to customize the plaques in a variety of unique and fun ways.



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