If you want to recognize, motivate, and retain your employees, plaques and awards are a great option. While there are many ways to acknowledge the efforts of your employees and thank them for all that they do, a physical token of your appreciation is perhaps the most memorable and inspirational. Employees frequently leave jobs when they feel undervalued or depersonalized. Giving your employees a tangible symbol of your appreciation helps remind them that you do notice and care about the work they do. Of course, verbal and other forms of recognition can also make employees feel appreciated however, giving your employees a physical item shows that you cared enough to spend time and money picking out something to commemorate their efforts. This positive reinforcement also helps motivate employees to keep up the good work. They will feel proud of their past successes and want to work toward more. Plaques and awards also allow an employee to share his or her achievements with co-workers without bragging. This may in turn motivate those co-workers to become more productive, in the hopes of being recognized similarly. It is easy these days for employees to feel overworked and under appreciated. If you want employees to stay with a company and continue contributing their best work, it is essential that you recognize the work they are doing now. Physical tokens of recognition are a great tool for keeping employees feeling content, appreciated, and motivated.