In a corporate setting, everyone under the payroll plays a valuable role in making a business as successful as it is. The CEO or whoever heads the company is the one responsible for everyone below him. It is also his duty to ensure that morale is high at all times and that staff and faculty members enjoy their work and what they do. It is up to the higher ups to keep the whole team motivated. One way to do this is by offering some sort of incentive to ensure everyone stays motivated and performs at their best. One way to do this is through the use of plaques and awards as an acknowledgement.

One creative way to increase productivity within a team is to turn it into a game and competition with an incentive and reward for the staff member that exceeds expectation. It could be a monthly or quarterly thing, but it should occur regularly. The key is to set a goal for everyone. If the corporation specializes in retail, for example, then there can be a friendly competition between staff members. The winner is the member who can make the most sales and bring in the most revenue. At the end of the period, the winner is announced and awarded an incentive. Plaques and awards make great prizes and can be accompanied by a bonus check or a gift card.

There are many services that customize trophies and other awards. The trophy can also be made into the shape of something that relates to the company. A video game company, for instance, can have a trophy made in the shape of a video game control. Plaques and awards are something that the recipient can keep in his office desk or display at home as a reminder of his achievement in the workplace. This gives every member of a workforce something to strive for. A reward can serve as a powerful motivator to put in that extra effort.

It is the responsibility of the CEO and other higher ups to take care of the people that work under them. The way to do this is to reward hard work. This motivates people to work harder and with interest rather than just go through the motion for the sake of a paycheck. The use of plaques and awards combined with additional incentives is a great way to get an entire team to work and push beyond their potential. By having a tangible reward to shoot for, people have a reason to go that extra mile.



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