Retiring after many years of service for one company deserves recognition and reward. Along with a celebration event, you may want to recognize the individual with a retirement award for their dedication and hard work. Retirement plaques and long service awards are gifts that the retiree will appreciate for many years to come. However, the wording may be different depending on your relationship to the individual. From family When one of your family members is nearing their retirement, commemorate the event with a plaque expressing your love and pride in their accomplishment. Although you may want to engrave several lines of text onto the award, refrain from doing so and keep the phrase you inscribe short and memorable. A phrase such as, “congratulations on many years of accomplishment,” or “we are so proud of you,” may be appropriate. Do not be afraid to incorporate elements of the recipient’s personality onto the plaque. For example, if the individual receiving the plaque has a keen sense of humor, write something amusing on the award. From co-workers Your office-mate may be retiring and leaving the company you work at, but it doesn’t mean they will forget about you and the long hours you put in together meeting deadlines and completing projects. The theme of the plaque you present to them doesn’t have to be formal and can be the combined effort of many co-workers. When you work with someone for an extended period of time, you usually get to know their quirks and elements of their personality that extends far beyond the staff name tags you both wore every day. A retirement plaque is the perfect place to note that you value their hard work and also appreciate the time you spent together. Write something on the plaque that they will look back on with nostalgia and positive remembrance. From the company If one of your employees is retiring, there are certain elements that you will want to put on their retirement plaque. The plaque or award your present to them should include their name, position, the dates they were with the company, and a small saying of congratulation or thanks. Awards from a company should begin formally with a phrase that begins “in appreciation to,” or “in recognition of.” Although plaques and awards given to a retiree from friends or family members can be presented informally, a plaque from a company will usually be awarded in a special ceremony with members of the company and co-workers present. Giving an individual that is retiring a plaque will make their years of service worthwhile and meaningful. If someone you know is retiring soon, present them with a plaque that signifies their diligence and hard work.