What makes the best Employee Recognition Awards?

Rewarding and recognizing employees doesn't have to be that difficult. Just like anything in life a recognition program takes a bit of thought. Think of things like...what motivates you to do a good job? What items have you received that you remembered and cherished? What thing about receiving recognition did you value the most? Many things go into the recognition process to make it a success. Take time to find out what the employees value and what they would like to receive. Money is always great but is gone before the winner realizes and what long lasting recognition does that provide? Is the work place a formal one or informal, this will dictate how to present the award. Do the people receiving the employee awards have an office or will the award be displayed at home?

Depending upon the type employee that is receiving the award some ideas that come to mind are;

  • Recognition Plaques - wide range of sizes and prices
  • Acrylic Awards - Modern type award - great for offices
  • Crystal Awards - Upscale award perfect for year long achievements
  • Paperweights - Low cost awards with multiple uses
Make sure that the cost of the award is inline with the employee's achievement. In other words you would not award the employee of the month the same value award as your employee of the year. All awards need to be prestigious in their perceived value, but make sure the most outstanding the award the more you spend on the item.

If you have any questions about employee awards give one of our staff at Mickey's a call. We have over 30 years experience in employee recognition and our insight can be very helpful in making your employee awards decisions. (888)754-8337