Why to recognize employees

As a manager or owner of a company, you don't have to present employees with awards for a "job well done." However, there's no denying the benefits of recognizing employees for their hard work. Your staff members likely contribute to the success of your business, and without them, you couldn't run the company. 

If your staff works hard and contributes to the growth of the company, here are three reasons to start employee recognition awards

1. Boosts moral. When you recognize employees for their dedication and hard work, this affects how they feel about the company and their position. Awards increase job satisfaction and contribute to longevity. 

2. Improves productivity. Once you start recognizing individual employees, this can motivate your other employees to improve their work performance, which increases productivity. 

3. Employee loyalty. If given the opportunity to work with another company, or perhaps with another department in the company, your employees will recall your actions. The fact that they work for a company or boss who appreciates their efforts may motivate them to turn down other job offers. Thus, employee recognition awards can help reduce your turnover rate.



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